I have a true passion for photography. I love the candid style. I want to create an image that tells stories, evoke emotion, and allow us to travel back in time. I do Events, Sports/Actions, Portraiture, Lifestyle & Commercial.


A bit of myself...


I was born in Cuiaba-Mato Grosso. Mato Grosso is a large state in west-central Brazil, is mostly covered with Amazon rainforest, wetlands and savanna plains. My hometown is an hour away from Chapada dos Guimaraes a big National Park where I used to hike the areas with beautiful sandstone cliffs and waterfalls.

That's one of the bigger reasons I enjoy Mountain biking in my free time. It reminds me of home.


I love paper magazines and I started to collect them when I was 11 years old and since then I still buy them.

My passion for photography started with my first photo camera when I was 11 years old and my passion for self-portrait started back then. I started to show my self-portraits when I was living in Japan. I used to visit places and take my own photos. I lived in Japan for almost 10 years.

I have always been shy when someone is taking my photo. But get very happy and excited when is me. I share my self-portraits on my personal Instagram feed @jellyben where I also do some paid posts and collabs with brands and local shops.


May of 2018 I went to take photos of my friend that was competing in a local Tournament and I discovered a new passion which is BJJ photography and since then I have been covering some events. I love to capture the emotions in their face and actions. You can see some of them on my Instagram of BJJ photos @diellepike


I also love to photograph events such as kids birthdays and birthdays in general and where I can capture the emotions of the host and guests. 


Feel free to contact me for inquiries of any event.